Bluegrass on the Green

General guidelines and thoughts about the festival
The festival is rapidly approaching and people are begining to ask us more and more questions. So here are some general guidelines and info about the festival.
  1. There is NO ALCHOHOL OR SMOKING ALLOWED at the fest. It is a $500 fine to have open alcohol on the Green or in Prairie Park. If you want to enjoy a frosty beer or a glass of wine, you can go to any of the businesses on Kansas Street that serve alcohol. (Trails Edge Brewery, Frankfort Bowl, Fat Rosies, Old Plank Trail Tavern and Francesca’s.)
  2. Be kind to your neighbor. We expect an awesome turnout. Share space. Dance off to the side and please keep smoking to a bare minimum. This is a family friendly event and no one wants a party pooper. Also when it comes to parking be mindful about where you are parking. Lets be great neighbors.
  3. Keep it green. Pick up after yourself. Lets show how bluegrass fans can keep the grass GREEN. Leave it better than you found it.
  4. Get involved. If you want to become more involved please contact us to become a volunteer
  5. Camping. There is no camping at the festival itself. There is camping at places like Martin Campground in New Lenox and some of the surrounding county forest preserves.
  6. Pets. Please leave your pets at home. They will be much happier at home in the air conditioning, drinking some cold water and in their comfy spot.
  7. Chairs. Please bring low back chairs, NO SHADE TENTS OR UMBRELLAS.
  8. Food. You are more than welcome to bring outside food. Small coolers are welcome. NO ALCOHOL. But remember there will be lots reasonably priced food vendors in the fest itself and make sure to visit the surrounding restaurants.
  9. Remember the most important part of this list...We are a non for profit festival put on by the Frankfort Bluegrass festival committee. We could not do it without all the support from the community and make sure you buy a t-shirt, raffle ticket or become a sponsor to keep this fest going.
  10. SEE YOU JULY 9 and 10!