Bluegrass on the Green

Saturday, July 13

Breidert Green Stage

Prairie Park Stage

10:00am Truman's Ridge 10:15am Homestretch Ride
11:00am Dyer Switch Band 11:00am Anderlik Otto & Church
12:05am Barefoot Movement 12:00pm Breaking Grass
1:10pm Junior Sisk 1:05pm The HillBenders
2:15pm Chris Jones & the Night Drivers 2:10pm John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
3:20pm Roland White 3:15pm Breaking Grass
4:25pm Head For The Hills 4:20pm Barefoot Movement
5:35pm Special Consensus 5:25pm Junior Sisk
6:50pm Henhouse Prowlers 6:30pm Nu Blu
8:05pm John Jorgenson    
9:25pm The HillBenders    


Sunday, July 14

Breidert Green Stage

Prairie Park Stage

10:00am Georgia Rae Family Band 10:00am Bluegras Jam Open Stage
11:05am Roland White 11:00am River Valley Rangers
12:15am John Jorgeson Bluegrass Band 12:00pm Fox Crossing String Band
1:30pm Nu Blu 1:05pm The Grateful String Band
2:45pm Chris Jones & the Night Drivers 2:10pm Blue Highway
4:00pm Barefoot Movement 3:15pm Junior Sisk
5:15pm Special Consensus 4:20pm Head For The Hills
6:25pm Raffle Drawing 5:25pm Miles Over Mountains
6:30pm Blue Highway


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Old Plank Trail Tavern "Beer Garden Stage"

On both days of the festival, the Old Plank Trail Tavern will be presenting festival bands at their Beer Garden Stage at 113 Kansas Street, just west of the main stage.

Saturday, July 13
12:30 Truman's Ridge
1:40 Homestretch Ride
2:50 Dyer Swith Band
4:00 Anderlik, Otto & Church

Sunday, July 14
12:30 River Valley Rangers
1:40 Fox Crossing String Band
1:35 MIles Over Mountains
2:45 River Valley Rangers

"Workshop Stage"

A new "Workshop Stage" at 11 North White Street will present workshops, performances, and opportunities to meet the bands,

Saturday, July 13
12:30 Roland White, Mandolin
1:35 Henhouse Prowlers
2:40 Mark Cassidy, Banjo
3:45 Chad Graves, Dobro
4:50 John Jorgensen

Sunday, July 14
12:30 Barefoot Movement
1:35 NIck Dumas, Mando
2:40 Greg Cahill, Banjo
3:45 Rick Feris, Guitar
4:50 John Jorgensen